Hi, my name is Peter La Rowe. I am a people photographer based out of Portland, Oregon specializing in contemporary portraiture and modern head shots for you, your family, personal brand, or business.

Don't like getting your photo taken much less having a portrait made of you? Truth be told, who does? If you're like most people, the very thought of it sends virtual finger nails across the mental blackboard, bringing back every self conscious grade school photo where teeth were missing and your hair rivaled Medusa's best. And that was on a good day... ;-)

Don't worry, I've got you. As an artist and designer, I've dedicated my life to creating beauty and bring all of that knowledge and expertise to bear on my photography. I also spent six years earning my living in front of the camera and know firsthand what it feels like to stare down the barrel of a big piece of glass, to be primped then popped with blinding flashes, all the while being told to "act natural". As if! It's anything but. Let my experience in front of and behind the lens guide you, draw out your best, and show you why it warrants to be photographed professionally. Because no matter who you are, you are a beautiful person that deserves to be cherished in photographs, for now, and future generations to come.

Reach out, let's connect. Together we'll plan your shoot and make your day in front of the camera one full of laughter, fun, and with any luck, the best photographs you've ever seen of yourself!

All the best,